Large Snuffle Ball

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Snuffle Balls encourage great mental stimulation, promotes calm behaviour, fulfils your dog’s natural desire to sniff and keeps them occupied.

Our snuffle balls can be used with your dog's favourite treats as well as dry or freeze dried food.

Handmade in Dorset.

Snuffle balls and other snuffle activities are a great way to fulfil your dog’s natural desire to sniff.  By giving your dog more opportunities to use their powerful sense of smell, you can enhance their well being. Offering enrichment also reduces the chances of unwanted behaviour arising as a result of boredom or lack of mental fulfilment.

Beneficial For….

  • All dogs!
  • Dogs on restricted exercise due to injury, surgery or rehabilitation
  • Active dogs who need help to relax and stay calm
  • Days when sniffy walks may be shorter or reduced compared to normal
  • Dogs who require mental stimulation as well as physical exercise
  • Promoting calm behaviour at exciting times of the day e.g. visitors or human dinner time
  • Creating engagement in a quiet activity to distract your dog from things they find exciting or stressful
  • Day trips, visits to cafes or time in the pub- just pop on the floor under the table and keep your dog happy
  • Enrichment to help towards a happy, varied life
  • Snuffle balls are also great for cats!

How To Use

Simply hide food in the mats and balls for your dog to sniff out and re-fill for longer engagement.

Using different types of food varies the challenge as your dog searches for the different smells. Using the different activities provides varied enrichment and levels of difficulty. You can spread out a selection of snuffle activities around a room or in the garden, to offer your dog choice and variety. Giving choice is fantastic enrichment, particularly if used with a variety of food too.

The range can be hand washed or machine washed on a cool gentle cycle.

Do not tumble dry.


Due to the natural chewing and investigative behaviour of dogs, we don’t advise unsupervised use for safety reasons. We also recommend removing the ball once your dog has finished it's sniffing session.

We recommend your dog is supervised at all times whilst using their snuffle activity, they are not chew toys. Whilst every care has been taken in manufacture, the snuffle range is not indestructible. Frustration may occur with some dogs, who may need assistance to learn how to extract food without damaging the mat or ball. Remove access once your dog has naturally finished.


Large Snuffle Ball- Approximately 7.5 inches in diameter. Folds of fleece in a ball shape.


Handmade with love in Dorset. Colours and finish will have a slight variation due to the handmade nature of the products. Made from good quality fleece material. Please see the photos for a guide to the colours available.